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Using Prism to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts

Most of you are probably pretty familiar with the awesome productivity boost that comes from Gmail’s threaded conversations, you can archive a conversation to keep it out of mind when waiting for a reply, then when you get one, the entire conversation thread pops back to the top of your inbox. I’m not sure how I ever used to survive without this, it’s why I use Gmail for all my email accounts. However, having multiple gmail accounts can have a downside, that is having to logout to switch between them.

Mozilla Prism

Today, Jordan Carter and I came across a good solution for this: Prism. Now Prism isn’t new, in fact it was released a while ago now, though I never really tried it out until now. Prism basically is a way to launch a set web page in a sand-boxed self contained web browser. This is usually used for web based applications because it gives the application it’s own icon, and lets it launch separately in the system, making it seem more like a native system application. The other advantage for it is that all your session and cookies (log on information)  are completely separate from your main web browser. This makes it ideal for being able to be logged in to multiple Gmail accounts at the same time, simply add each account to Prism, and they can be run alongside each other saving the hassle of having to log out and back in to switch between them.